What to see in Sapa

Sapa is a favorite spot to catch the essence of the far north of Vietnam. Being favored by too many visitors, Sapa has long become a touristy town. Fortunately for any wanderlust addicts, it only takes some minutes to get away from the tourist bottleneck in downtown Sapa. The countryside around owns a charming combination of terraced rice paddies, mountains and green stretch. A place for trekking lovers. Do not worry if you are not athletic, there are many terrain levels which caters to the nerdy and the sporty alike.

Bac Ha village

It is three hour away from Sapa. The top attractions in Bac Ha village are its Sunday markets and former Hmong King's palace.

Cat Cat and Sin Chai villages

They are respectively 3km and 7km away from downtown Sapa. Trekkers always love the scenery paths to these villages. Magnificent mountains and terraced paddy fields is a good escape.

Sapa Markets

Somehow perfectly situated in a large pit at the heart of Sapa town, the Market is a nice place to buy local crafts from embroidery to horn carvings.

Ta Phin and the French monastery ruins

The village of ethnic Red Dao is 10km away from Sapa. You can either hire a taxi or a taxi motorbike to get there. It is easy to be blown away from the verdant greenery of the area.

Thac Bac (Silver Falls)

11km away from Sapa, Thac Bac (means Silver Fall) is modest in size but far from being humble in beauty.

Tram Ton Pass

From Thac Bac, you can walk to Tram Ton Pass -the highest mountain pass in Vietnam. The view in a sunny day is spectacular. Even in misty days, you would love the feeling of floating among white 'clouds'.

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