5 Best Overnight Trains From Hanoi To Sapa: Budget to Luxury

Generously boasting a classic yet luxurious style, Victoria Express train will bring to guest a strongly nostalgic feeling of good old times when each wheel of it rolls on the railway from Hanoi through provinces of the North.

Chapa Express

That humbly being a series of carriages attached to national train doesn’t necessarily mean just a good enough quality offered. Chapa Express is among a few brand that be able to provide diverse kinds of cabins for guests to choose. A group of family members or close friends may find themselves fit in so well in 4-berth one to stay through the night with collective joys. Whereas, couples might prefer a more private and tranquil atmosphere dedicatedly brought to them by the VIP 2-berth cabins.

For whichever option guests may choose, all cabins offer great views to by-passing sceneries through large glass windows. A cozy theme spills over the cabins as they are lovingly made out of wood-paneling interior coupled with the mysterious rouge theme.  Air-conditioner to feel comfortable all the time, TV with various channels, reading lights, free snacks and water are parts of what makes a moving stay desirable.

Victoria Express

Generously boasting a classic yet luxurious style, Victoria Express train will bring to guest a strongly nostalgic feeling of good old times when each wheel of it rolls on the railway from Hanoi through provinces of the North. With the schedule of 6 departures in a week, Victoria Express takes  8.5 hours to send you from Hanoi station straight to Lao Cai station. The train is ready to serve up to 52 passengers with 2 high-class hand-crafted compartments offering ultimate tranquility and uncompromisingly wide views. 

Each compartments includes 6 Superior cabin (each cabin has 4 beds), 1  Deluxe cabin (with 2 beds) . They are nicely installed with equipment for guests’ comfort such as air-conditioning, , wood-paved floor, personal reading lights, luggage locker and large window. In addition to those features, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional delicacies of Vietnam as well as Western gastronomy at its restaurant "Le Tonkin".  Best-tasting glasses of wine will be selected by the talented chef to contribute a memorable imprint on your dining times.

On routes with dining carriage, a-la-carte menu or 4-dish set menu is available to bring out the best dining experience on train by pre-ordering when buying tickets. With its high service quality and modern equipments, Victoria Express stays firm at being the most luxurious and excellent train service from Hanoi to Sapa.

Sapaly Train

With an unceasing attempt to introduce the high quality carriage, Sapaly Express Train cares much about the essence of service to make sure that guests can fully enjoy their journey from the first moment they walk in and set their back on berth. What makes a stay on Sapaly Train truly enjoyable is revealed by the high-class interior that meets European standards.

It is all eligible for guests to know in advance that they will pass the journey of 350 km from Hanoi to Lao Cai in just only one night with a wonderful sleep in the carriage which is like a luxury room in a four–star hotel. Each cabin has four comfortable and spacious beds with wooden furniture, soft pillows, blanket, graceful curtain, warm light system, and most modern facilities.

What Sapaly Express Train does bring tourists is a lovely remisniscence of Sapaly hotel with cabins of 3-star standard. Each carriage is designed only for 6 cabins instead of 7 cabins as usual, so each cabin is sure to be more spacious. Those cabins are bound to bestow on passengers a nice stay with deep sleep. Especially, Sapaly VIP 2 berth cabins are designed to dedicate to couples whose privacy is cared and placed on top of priority.

Not just that, Sapaly Express Train staff members are always ready to offer guests the best customer care and complementary services like picking up for guests around Hanoi Old Quarter. 


Pumpkin Express

Looking from the outside, Pumpkin Express is not different to other trains in Hanoi- Lao Cai road. Taking steps inside, differences will be revealed amongst surprise of many guests.Pumpkin Express takes the 4th carriage of SP1 and SP2 , which includes 7 cabins with 28 berths. On each cabin, objects and furniture is situated with the same purpose to ensure that guests are right at their full indulgence. All cabins are wood-paneled and equipped air-conditioners to bring fresh air with suitable temperature to passengers.

For needs of customers that differ from a shared space to a more private tranquility, Pumpkin Express divided their cabins into two kinds: 4-berth cabins and VIP 2-berth cabin. Every ticket of customer will include water and bread for free and other dishes will be ready to serve guests on a basis of extra payment. Unfortunately, there is no toilet on each cabin, but public WC cabins are settled at two ends of each carriage. Pumpkin Express Train carries passengers daily with national trains on the route between Hanoi and Lao Cai respectively with SP1 and SP3 fast train.

The departure from Hanoi starts at 9.10 or 9.50pm, and the train will reach Lao Cai at 5.25am or 6.15 am the day after. On reverse road, trains leave Lao Cai Province at 8.45pm, and come in Hanoi about 8.5 hours later at 5.10am the next morning. With enthusiasm, hospitality and helpfulness,  the cabin attendants of the Pumpkin Express Train will make your stay valuable at a reasonable ticket price.

King Express

If you look for properties with luxuriously designed cabins and cozy atmosphere for your expectations of the overnight trains, King Express should be get booked up immediately. On each carriage of King Express, there are 26 berths which are grouped into two types of cabins, including Deluxe cabins with 4 berths and Private Deluxe cabins with 2 berths. For groups of travelers or families, Deluxe cabin will be the second-to-none option where they can all experience the joyful vibe through the night. Meanwhile Private Deluxe encompasses more privacy and intimacy to single or couple on their way. Large windows overlooking the picture-perfect landscape of Northwest region, air-conditioned space paneled with wooden materials, free bottled water, refreshing wipes, and private toilet at the end of each carriage are some of what's included. King Express Train has a fixed daily schedule going to and fro between Hanoi and Lao Cai. The fast train SP3 will set off from Hanoi at 9.50 PM and reach Lao Cai at 6.30 am the next day. The route back to Hanoi with SP4 fast will start from 8:20 PM and arrive in Hanoi at 6.00 am the following day. A plus point should be given to King Express as its passengers are free of charge with transportation from and to the train. In addition, King Express’ friendly and experienced staff is always ready to align with customers’ need and bring them vacation’s happiness.

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