Homestay in Sapa

Home stay is a very popular cultural travel activity in Sapa. This idea has grown for decades. In fact, it is a form of tourism program which give the visitors the chance to live together with a local family to have a better understanding about the local lifestyles. Today, there are numerous home stay tours offered by specialist tourism agencies available for people who want to have special experience in Sapa, the town famous for its wonderful scenery and rich cultural diversity.

As there are several ethnic minorities in the areas surrounding Sapa’s center districts, visitors will have many options for home stay tours. Many travelers appreciate this activity as it is the chance for them to get actual experience of local life, traditions and lifestyles. The locals there are so friendly and generous to show visitors their normal life by letting them join the works as well as serving some very delicious local dishes. A few days stay in the magnificent ethnic villages in Sapa is really great and unforgettable, especially with foreign travelers. Besides, home stay might be an important part of your trekking experience that you will need for your multi-day trekking plan to fully discovers the beauty of the mountains and valleys in Sapa.

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