Sapa Weather in September

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In September, Sapa greets autumn with pleasantly mild weather. Daily average temperature standing at 20°C combined with moderate level of rainfall make this time such a delight for tourists. Sometimes, heavy rain is expected in the afternoon but it is often brief and sure to do no harm to your journey. The taste of four seasons on a day is definitely amazing, especially to tourists who are not used to this subtropical exotic climate. Outdoor activities are prevalent in this time of the year

Sapa Weather in September

September Weather

September comes along with the glamorous view of golden crops on the terraced fields. It is time for the diligent farmers to be rewarded with a fruitful harvest after a year of hard work and for visitors to share this happiness of enjoying this mesmerizing view. Many festivals were born as a result of celebrating after harvest and Com Festival of the Tay in Bao Yen is one typical example. Com (young green glutinous rice) is featured in this festival, and the ingredient is no other than the most tasty and tender young rice carefully chosen from the rice harvested. This is an opportunity for locals to enjoy their benefits as well as to express their gratitude to the God, heaven and Earth for blessing good weather and high productivity.

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