Sapa Weather in October

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In October, Sapa enjoys a cooler atmosphere since daily mean temperature drops to 17°C. Tourists can expect occasional drizzle but heavy rain seems to absent during this month as the precipitation level experiences a dramatic plummet to roughly 100 mm. 4 hours of sunshine per day is enough to illuminate the town and clear the sky. The fresh air along with mild weather is one of the most indispensable ingredients of an ideal journey one looking for.

Sapa Weather in October

October Weather

Thanks to its beautiful climate, Sapa welcomes great number of visitors in October, marking the start of the peak season. If lucky enough, tourists can still have chance to contemplate the beauty of golden crops on terraced fields. Ones with adventurous minds can opt for a more challenging hike on Hoang Lien Son Mountain. For a more relaxing choice, visiting ethnic villages in neighboring areas is not less tremendously rewarding. Located within easy walking distance from Sapa centre is Cat Cat village, inhabited by Mong ethnic minority. Nestled in a beautiful and poetic valley, Cat Cat offers visitors with chance to be involved in their daily life by taking part in traditional activities such weaving fabric, or creating handicrafts. Authentic experiences with the hospitality of these friendly and simple locals will satisfy even the most fastidious visitors. 

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