Sapa Weather in May

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In May, Sapa welcomes much warmer weather with daily temperature settling around 20°C. This month also witnesses more rain since the precipitation level has risen to approximately 260 mm. Occasional quick shower, being the common occurrence, signals an upcoming summer when rainy time becomes dominant. Sunshine hours are still among the highest of the year.

Sapa Weather in May

May Weather

May is a tranquil time in terms of festivals. However, Sapa’s other charms still wield the power to win over visitors’ hearts. Sapa not only stands out with its natural beauty but also differentiates from other well-known destinations by its unique and profound cultural history. A visit to Sapa Museum with its excellent showcase and vibrant demonstration will equip you with a general glimpse of Sapa’s history and ethnology. The museum also offers ethnic-style handicrafts for sale so take a chance to select some souvenirs for your family and friends.

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