Sapa Weather in June

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June is the starting for summer in Sapa but it is nowhere near the scorching hot weather experienced in lower terrain in Vietnam. Thanks to its high altitude, Sapa remains a stably cool summer when the daily temperature never exceeds 25°C. Warmer weather combined with high humidity of 81% might be tiring and exhausting, so it is highly recommended for visitors to be well-prepared, stay hydrated and take regular break when engaging in outdoor activities. In June, Sapa also endures a considera

Sapa Weather in June

June Weather

Higher rainfall level may be an obstacle in trekking or outdoor activities but will definitely offer you a chance to enjoy other fascinating aspects of this lovely town. Enjoy a retreat in a spa is totally worth trying as it can relieve you of all the tiredness. One way to makes this even more special and memorable is to try taking a hot bath with medicine herbs of Dao ethnic people. This is considered as a traditional yet effective therapy inherited by generations as these mountain dwellers are nearly oblivious of modern medicine.  Home staying at a wooden house nestled in the misty mountain with a Dao family, trying a hot bath with wild herbs picked directly from the dense forest, having a cup of tea and chatting over the wood fire will leave visitors feeling peaceful in mind and longing for more moments like this.

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