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Sapa Weather in April

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In April, Sapa enjoys warm and dry weather, possessing the highest number of 6 sunshine hours per day throughout the year. The average temperature witnesses a slight increase to 17°C, while the low level of rainfall remains stable. Sunny and dry weather made it common period of time for outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking. Drizzle and sudden rain, however, are likely to occur as the weather sometimes becomes unpredictable. Foggy and cloudy days seem less prevailing.

Sapa Weather in April

April Weather

This time of the year sees the highest percentage of visitors thanks to its beautiful spring weather. Sapa never fails to impress visitors with its beautiful nature and breathtaking landscape. April seems to be the typical example for Sapa’s charisma. Visiting this poetic town in this time, tourist can choose to drop by some traditional markets for a taste of authentic ethnic cuisine or visit an ethnic family for a cup of tea. The ethnic people in Sapa are also famous for their elaborate handicraft and sophisticated woven fabrics so take a chance to see how these masterpieces created with only skillful bare hands.  One of the most interesting activities is to observe how the local residents plant rice and actually be involved in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


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